The Highly Anticipated 4 Day Week Trial Results

The results of the 4 day week trial are in, and they couldn’t be more conclusive. The vast majority of companies loved the perks of this new system of working and are committed to continuing to implement it.

4 day week campaigners encourage employers to reduce working hours by 20%, whilst proving that the change won’t reduce productivity. In fact, the trial sought to identify whether improved employee wellness would reduce resignations and result in a more motivated workforce. The results of the trial demonstrate that a 4 day week is a hugely beneficial system to implement. Read on to learn more about the trial and explore how you can secure the same results at your workplace.

4 Day Week Trial: A Huge Success

The four day week trial has been undeniably successful, with 56 of the 61 companies who took part confirming that they’ll continue with the four-day working week. Of those 56 companies, 18 have announced that they’ll be committing to the scheme permanently. This means that an incredible 92% will continue with the four-day week, which is a major success. It has conclusively demonstrated how productivity is retained despite one less day in the office.

For companies, there was a marked decline in the probability of an employee resigning during the 4 day week trial. Per 100 staff members, the decline was from 2 to 0.8% – a 57% reduction in exit rates, which is crucial at a time when organisations are struggling to recruit. A 65% fall in the number of sick days is also a major breakthrough, suggesting that people are less likely to take the day off when their working week has been reduced.

There were also huge advantages for employees at companies taking part in the 4 day week trial. 39% of employees felt less stressed as a result of reduced hours, while 71% of staff members reported lower levels of burnout. 48% of employees felt more satisfied in their job during the trial than they did before it started – boosting morale and work ethic.

How To Enjoy The Same Success at Your Company

The results from the 4 day work week trial are clear. Just one less day of work per week can reduce resignations, limit sick and personal days, and boost employee wellbeing. Work-life balance was much better for employees during the trial, and savings on childcare created happier employees with fewer financial concerns.

Want to enjoy the same success at your company? The good news is, asking your employer to adopt a 4 day work week is easier than ever. While many business owners are apprehensive about the 4 day week – citing lower productivity as a leading concern – you can help them to overcome their fears by presenting the incredible results of the four day week trial.

The dramatic fall in resignation rates means there are fewer hiring processes required, which saves companies substantial amounts of money. This is a major advantage to small-medium and large businesses looking to cut costs. This conclusive trial has proven that a 4-day week for all employees across every sector is truly within reach.