How To Search For Jobs on Social Media

Despite traditionally being spaces for connecting with friends, social media platforms have become major players in the job marketplace. Gone are the days of handing out CVs – employers have instead started advertising jobs on social media to source candidates, and having an up-to-date profile that shows off your skills can be hugely beneficial for your job prospects.

Social media platforms provide you with the opportunity to create a unique brand, identify available jobs, and network with people in your desired career field. By not engaging in this modern recruitment process, you risk missing out on exciting life-changing career opportunities. A remarkable 70% of employers have posted jobs on social media and gone on to successfully hire someone. If you’d like to find your next job on social media, here are two key considerations.

4 day week jobs on LinkedIn and Facebook

It can be an overwhelming prospect to be job search-ready across all your social media platforms, not to mention that keeping the appearance of each one professional and up-to-date can be a challenge. Rather than spread yourself too thinly, pick two platforms and use them to search for social media jobs. Search for four day week jobs on LinkedIn – using this platform as your primary job-searching space.

Before reaching out to companies, make sure your LinkedIn account is up to scratch. Check that your contact details are correct and that your education and employment history is accurate. Post status updates to your page regularly, shout loudly and proudly about all your professional successes and post industry updates to cement your reputation as an industry leader. Ask for testimonials from managers and colleagues to bolster your chances of securing one of the 4 day week jobs on LinkedIn.

As well as featuring on LinkedIn, four day week jobs on Facebook appear often and so it’s worth choosing this as your second platform when finding jobs on social media. Facebook profiles can pose a challenge, blurring the line between public and private. With this in mind, it’s always best practice to make sure you know exactly what is visible to external recruiters. A picture of you on a night out might not get the same response from a recruiter as it did from your friends.

Research companies that post jobs on social media

Before approaching a job opportunity, or responding to a request to connect, use social media as a tool for research. The advantage of conducting your job search on the platforms is that you can simultaneously research the company in question. Employers increasingly use social media to discuss their workplace culture and identify changes happening within the organisation.

This content helps you to better understand the company and identify if you’re a good fit. You can go the extra mile and stand out by interacting with a company’s social media posts. Through commenting on and direct messaging about their content, they’ll learn that you’re interested in more about their company than just the salary. Plus, your knowledge of up-to-date company news is sure to impress in an interview.  Feeling excited about extending your job search to social media? Read this handy guide about how to effectively prepare your LinkedIn profile