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Become a four day week employer

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While our business is based around connecting staff with Four-Day Week employers, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart at 4 Day Week Global. Andrew and Charlotte successfully implemented the 4 Day Week at their company in New Zealand where they pay their staff 100% of income, for 80% time in the office, if 100% productivity is achieved. They call this the 100-80-100 rule. They became a notable four day week employer after implementing this and now help others do the same. 

The idea of a 4 Day Week is not new, the difference Andrew and Charlotte are promoting is the focus on productivity which helps business and the economy accept a way of working which then provides a benefit to their staff. They are now focused on promoting this internationally and working with teams in the US, UK, Ireland and soon Europe and Asia.


We encourage you to download their white paper at www.4dayweek.com and follow them on the following social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). If you have any questions about how you can implement a four day week at your company, get in touch with them to get started!

If you want to read up more about a four day week, and how it can help your business and your staff, check out our blog.