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Become a four day week employer

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If you want to become a four day week employer, or if you’re an employee that wants to broach the subject with your manager, we encourage you to contact the 4 Day Week Campaign, our official partners.

4 Day Week Campaign is the UK’s national campaign for a four-day working week. It is independent and campaigns across the UK for a four-day, 32 hour working week with no loss of pay for workers.

Having been at the centre of the largest four day week trial the world has seen, 4 Day Week Campaign are in a great position to offer the best advice to help you make your dream of becoming a four-day week employer a reality.

Four-day week National Rollout Programme

4 Day Week Campaign have now teamed up with Autonomy to launch the first ever four-day week National Rollout Programme for UK companies. The aim of this rollout programme is to make your organisation ‘four-day week ready’. They will also support you on your journey of becoming a flexible employer.

The programme provides the following:

  • Online workshops led by experts with hands-on experience of supporting hundreds of four-day week companies
  • Online workshops on improving productivity and HR best practice
  • Problem solving alongside organisations in the same sector
  • Learning best practice from companies that have already adopted a four-day week
  • Regular troubleshooting events
  • Social engagement opportunities in your region of the country

The Rollout Programme will run between 20th April and 8th June, with applications being accepted now. Organisations that have signed-up will then switch to a four-day week together on 12th June.

Why Become a Four Day Week Employer?

With numerous trials, pilots and case studies around the world, the four-day with no loss of pay is a tried and tested success.

Not only does it provide employees with a better work-life balance and aid in the cost of living, but it offers employers higher performance levels and greater profits. As a four day work week employer you will also be able to attract the best talent around, with many jobseekers now looking for work that offers greater flexibility.

If you want to find out about more research that’s taken place, check out the 4 Day Week Campaign website, where they have an array of information.