Can a positive working culture promote success?

Fostering a positive working culture and demonstrating year-on-year growth is something that all progressive companies aspire to achieve. The idea of developing an engaging environment, where employees genuinely feel happy and appreciated, was once the domain of the Silicon Valley giants to attract and nurture individual talent, rather than simply push workers through their doors.

As Google have demonstrated, the concept of employee wellbeing and a positive workplace culture is an increasingly important element to the growth and success of a company. It has been demonstrated that, on average, absenteeism reduces by 40% and productivity increases by 20% where employees are engaged in the working culture. Positive engagement has also been shown to reduces staff turnover, which allows companies to further reward loyalty and retain the skills and talents of its workforce.

Awards for top performers and positive working cultures

The idea that a happy workforce is a more productive one is now an internationally accredited Great Place to Work benchmark, with awards given to those companies who have developed great working environments. This years top awards have been given to those companies who look beyond the traditional lure of salary to provide a progressive and attractive working package to foster engagement and a sense of belonging among their employees.

Following in the success of one of its employees in the Masterchef competition, Synergy Vision has been awarded a prestigious top three position for its working culture. The twelve-year old company provides strategic communications support and medical education programmes through a four day working week. 

Recognition of the four day working week

Since piloting the four day working format in 2019, Synergy Vision found the results in terms of productivity and employee happiness to be so beneficial that it is now a permanent feature of its working culture. In addition to the overwhelmingly positive employee survey that has made it one of the most desirable companies to work for, it has also been awarded a platinum award by Investors in People. This second award has been attributed to its pioneering of a four day working week as well as its strong growth and β€œtwo-way trust between Synergy Vision and employees”.

The recognition of Synergy Vision’s working environment as a positive, flexible and beneficial experience for its employees is a fantastic example of how positivity creates productivity in the workplace. Furthermore, given the increased importance and changing landscape of remote and flexible working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the support of progressive working practices to provide people with a better work-life balance has become an essential ingredient in the recipe for success.