Best binge worthy series for remote workers

Following on from our previous blog on the top ten films to watch whilst working from home, we’ve compiled a list the best binge worthy series for you to indulge in after a hard days work.

In recent years, series have become just as popular as blockbusters, with streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon putting just as much emphasis on them as films. With some absolute classics out there, including mainstream classics like Homeland and Mad Man and unbeatable British comedies such as Peep Show and The Office, there is loads to choose from. We’ve put together a list of series which maybe don’t, but should, share the same limelight as the aforementioned.

In no particular order…


New to Netflix, this mini-series, based on Deborah Feldman’s autobiography, follows a young woman who strives to escape her Hasidic life in New York. Married, under pressure to bear children and uneducated about the ‘real’ world, Esty decides to escape from the only life she’s ever known and flee to Berlin to start a new life. This compelling new series is flawless in its portrayal of life in a Hasidic community and the challenges that it presents.


A delightful, funny and engaging series following two quirky metal detectorists, Andy and Lance, who are determined to strike gold in the Essex Countryside. The narrative follows the ups and downs of their friendship, their rivalry with other local metal detectorists and the hunt to find something of significant value with their rather odd group of friends at the metal detecting club.


This science fiction thriller is up there with Stranger Things (better, if you ask us) and it follows the odd goings-on after two children go missing in a small German town. The story goes on to expose the town’s dark past, expose family secrets and follow twists and turns which require an attentive viewer. Probably the biggest science fiction intake you can get without watching a series of Doctor Who, it’s highly recommended.


Known more for creating the award-winning BBC series, Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge first created Crashing. This unique mini series follows the life of a group of mid-twenties who live in an unused hospital in London, acting as Property Guardians. Hilarious, binge worthy and frustratingly short, this series will make you immediately Google Phoebe Waller-Bridge to see what else she’s created.


Probably a series which many of you have seen since it was shown on ITV, but if you haven’t watched it, do so! One of the best British, and possible world, detective series we’ve seen follows the search for answers as a young boy is found dead on a beach and fingers are pointed. The definition of binge worthy, we’re not sure how those who watched it when it came out could wait a week for the next episode.

The Bridge

This Swedish-Danish production is nothing short of a masterpiece. Focussing on Saga and Martin, the two main detectives whose likability increases with each episode, the series begins as a body is found on the bridge which connects the two countries. Chaos ensues, as they work against the clock to catch the murder.


With so many similar series out there it’s hard to decipher which are those worth the hype: Deadwind is one of them. A Finnish thriller following the lead detective, Sofia Karppi, it follows the investigation into a murdered woman in Helsinki. Karppi, carrying her own demons, has to navigate the dark underworld which unravels as the series progresses.

Schitt’s Creek

Probably better known in the States and Canada, this six-season comedy follows a family who, until five minutes into the first episode, are one of the wealthiest families on the planet. After suddenly going bankrupt, the series follows them as they relocate to a modest town (Schitt’s Creek) and struggle to adapt to a more ‘basic’ life. Hilarious at times, extremely well written and perfect character casting. Highly recommended if you need cheering up!

Do you have any series you highly recommend? If so, let us know in the comments below!