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Employer Benefits

Increased productivity

There have been several trials of a four day working weeks where companies have reported staff and productivity levels increased as a result of reducing the weekly hours. The Perpetual Guardian is one which shows that output was the same working 30 hours a week rather than 37.5. Another company which has a four day week is Normally, who have reported employer benefits of happier, healthier and more productive staff members as a result of a shorter working week.

Fewer staff absences

Due to staff having a better work-life balance and more time to recharge their batteries at the weekend there have also been reports of much lower levels of staff sickness. In 2017/18, an estimated 15.4 million working days were lost in the UK due to work-related stress. A four day week could help reduce the number of employee absences, providing them with much needed downtime to de-stress after their working weeks. Recent studies suggest employees believe a four-day-working-week enables them to manage their work-life balance better.


Increased profitability

Interestingly, in spite of the fewer working hours, companies who have trialled a four day working week have reported increased profits as a result of their staff being more productive. Pursuit Marketing, a Glasgow based Marketing Agency, reported profits were up 29.5% in two years, something which has mainly been attributed to working a four day week rather than the more common five day working week.

Lower energy usage

A four day week would reduce the amount of CO2 emitted as a result of commuting and, combined with the reduction of energy use in the office, would massively reduce the amount of energy consumption associated with a five day working week.


It’s not just employer benefits which make a four day week great. Check out the employee benefits of a four day working week here!