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Employee Benefits

Reduced stress and anxiety

Staff members who work a four day week have reported feeling less stressed and anxious as a result. A trial by the Perpetual Guardian in New Zealand found that, after trialling a four-day-working-week, staff stress levels reduced from 45% to 38%. In the same trial, positive work-life balance increased drastically from 54% to 78% amongst staff members.


More access to childcare

A four day working week would allow both parents an additional day off per week to spend with their children, reducing childcare costs for the family and helping them share the responsibilities evenly. Parents could either take an additional family day off together, or utilise their time off to allow the other to go to work whilst one stays at home caring for the child.



More time for life admin

Dana Stoddart from Brett Nicholls Associates believes an extra day off can be important for “life admin”. Something many people agree with. With the whole week consumed by work it leaves very little personal time, something we at Four Day Week believe is important. A ‘personal day’ can allow you to catch up on laundry, food-shopping, appointments etc. leaving your weekends free for more enjoyable activities.


More enjoyment at work

Staff who don’t feel drained and bored of work are going to be more productive. A recent study of 1,989 people showed that only three hours of an eight-hour working day (based upon a five-day working week) were productive hours. Staff find other ways to keep themselves ‘busy’ throughout the working week to break up the day. These include reading news, checking social media, having cigarette breaks and making teas.

Staff who feel more recharged from rest will engage more with their work and, as a result, become more productive. The Perpetual Guardian reported the same output from staff when they worked a 30-hour week compared to when they worked a 37.5 hour week.


More time with the family

The benefits of working less are obvious, and what you do with your extra day off is entirely optional. However, more time to socialise outside of the office environment is one of the more popular benefits. Whether it’s spending time with your family or going out with your friends, it’s all beneficial to producing a better work-life balance. Dana Stoddart from Brett Nicholls Associates, a four day week accountancy firm based in Glasgow, says it’s great “for people with families and it’s good to have time free to focus on other parts of our lives, such as studying, hobbies or socialising”

A four day working week isn’t just good for employee benefits, check out employer’s benefits here!