How do you know when to move on from your job?

In career planning, recognising where you are in relation to development and job satisfaction is important. It helps give clarity. It’s equally important for employers to recognise it for retention purposes.

Despite Covid 19 thankfully many are still working and developing their careers.

Over my time in recruitment and CV writing I’ve developed a little matrix that many with career aspirations have found helpful. It’s not perfect but I thought I’d share it.

The intervals between A – B, B-C and C – A represent time lapsed within each stage. At a junior level the whole cycle may take 18 months, at senior levels 4 years and much more.

The intervals are not equal or fixed.

Each can expand or contract. For example:- your employer grows exponentially adding to your role duties previously not experienced. You could bounce between A – B and B – C or simply remain longer in B – C.

You may be stage C – A and your role expands similarly you’re back to stage B – C.

Each interval is manifest by associated feelings.

Nervousness | Excitement/Satisfaction | Jaded/Dissatisfaction

The sequence doesn’t change, just where you are in it.

Good luck and stay safe – CV Adviser

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